Batten down the hatches! Is snow on its way?

A ‘beast from the east’ is heading for Hastings with bitterly cold weather and the strong possibility of snow forecast for Hastings early next week.

A weather front heading in from eastern Europe and Scandinavia could dump snow across the south east of England and will certainly bring sub-zero temperatures,

Hastings Borough Council (HBC) announced at the weekend that they have contacted their contractors to remind them of its severe weather plan and the possible need to clear snow in the town centre and on what are described as ‘hostage roads’. Hostage roads are those that give access to a whole road network or housing estate where snowfall would potentially trap large numbers of people.

HBC points out that the clearing of roads is a responsibility of Sussex County Council that is supplemented by HBC in a limited and focused way.

Hastings snowHastings under snow! A chocolate box-like appearance!

HBC has also activated its ‘severe weather protocol’ which means that no-one should be forced to sleep on the streets in the event of severe cold weather. A council spokesman said: “We are working with a number of agencies to provide night shelter. This is guided by a forecast of temperatures falling below zero or feeling like this through wind chill and other factors.”

HBC says it is likely any severe snowfall would disrupt waste and recycling collections, but say they will respond to those once the scale of any disruption is clear.

“We will be posting up to date information on our website.  As yet it is not definite there will be substantial snowfall. Current forecasts show snow from Monday night,” the council says

For more details on what councils do during periods of snow and ice please go to :-


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