Your vote could make the difference – so vote NOW!

It’s still all to play for as voting for the Ramblers Association Best Walking Neighbourhood Award enters its final week.

If the number of views the promotional videos for each town has received is anything to go by then Hastings is locked in a battle in the midfield but is still less than 300 votes behind the current leader Stockbridge.cropped-img_2380.jpgThe Ramblers Association has made a short film for each of the ten contenders for the award and each of those videos has been published on YouTube. This afternoon the number of votes each video has received was:

Stockbridge 1,100, Newtown 1,000, Hackney 951, Town Moor 878, Dumfries 856, Hastings 850, Walthamstow 846, Kirby Stephen 726, Salford 618, Diglis 611.

Here is a link to the video about Hastings.

Voting closes next Wednesday, March 14.

The Ramblers say the award is in recognition of the many neighbourhoods around the UK that are already great for walking and this first ever Best Walking Neighbourhood Award is intended to celebrate those neighbourhoods.

A Ramblers spokesman said: “We asked people to nominate their favourites and we’ve put together a shortlist of ten of the best.

“The streets of Hastings Old Town really were made for walking and several factors contribute to its place in the final award shortlist. Developed before the advent of the car, many facilities don’t have parking spaces, meaning people are more likely to choose walking as the quickest and easiest way of making their journey. The quaint streets are crisscrossed by narrow ‘twittens’, passages developed in Victorian times that today form charming pedestrian routes between the main streets. In addition the old town’s historic streets have light traffic flow and priority is given to pedestrians in some areas.”

But perhaps Ann Scott, chair of Old Hastings Preservation Society Hastings old town puts it best when she says that Hastings old town is: “…just a beautiful place to walk…’

To cast your vote click on the link below



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