Is Hastings in pole position to scoop Ramblers’ title?

Hastings out in front

Make your vote count


Hastings might have taken the lead in the vote to win the Ramblers Association Best Walking Neighbourhood Award as voting enters its final few days.

It might be a completely unscientific measure and may well not bear any relation to the final result but it’s the best measure we’ve got to work with; going by the number of times the videos made to support each of the ten bids have been viewed on YouTube, Hastings is well out in front.

In the middle of the week Hastings was back in sixth place – ten towns are bidding for the award – tonight Hastings is out in front with the town’s video having been watched around 300 times more than the video for Stockbridge that is currently in second place.

Perhaps more significant is the fact that in just two days the number of views the Hastings video has received has more than doubled to just short of 2,000, the number of views for Stockbridge has gone up by only a couple of hundred.

Hastings In Focus has been urging as many people as possible to vote, so if you haven’t voted yet do it now by following this link…



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