Local election special… The men who want to run Hastings


Labour’s Peter Chowney &

the Conservative’s Rob Lee

speak to Hastings In Focus

Elections to Hasting Borough Council (HBC) will take place in a month’s time, on May 3. Changes to the boundaries of council wards mean that all seats are up for grabs this time round and it promises to be a hard fought battle for control of the authority.

The political reality of life in Hastings is that after the elections the council will be run either by a Labour administration or a Conservative one. That’s why we asked the men who lead each political block on the council to tell us why they should get your vote.

In the videos below you can hear from “the horses’ mouth” what each man sees as the priority for the future of the town and what actions are needed to make the town a prosperous one. It probably comes as no surprise that they have differing opinions about what needs to be done. Each video last about 20 minutes.

We’d like to hear what you think once you have listened to what they have to say so please feel free to use the ‘Leave a reply’ section at the bottom of the page to share your opinion with our event growing band of readers.


Now you’ve heard what the have to say, tell us what you think in the reply section below – we look forward to hearing your views.


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