Conservatives have control of Hastings firmly in their sights as candidates for the borough council are revealed.

Hastings Conservatives have their eyes on the prize and that prize is to seize control of Hastings Borough Council (HBC) after the May 3 elections.

This afternoon the party revealed the full list of 32 candidates it is fielding at the election in just four weeks time.

Conservative group leader Rob Lee says Hastings and St Leonards ‘deserves better’.

Councillor Rob Lee who leads the current Conservative group on HBC says: “Hastings and St Leonards deserves a better council than the current Labour-run administration.

“We have an excellent set of candidates in all 32 seats with a wide range of experience. Our candidates include a nuclear engineer, teaching assistant, graphic designer, a renowned singer songwriter, a former soldier and a member of the Hastings Lifeboat Crew”.

The full list of candidates is:

Ore James Dee
Ore Oliver Devaux
St Helens Martin Clarke
St Helens Matt Lynch
Conquest Paul Foster
Conquest John Rankin
Ashdown Mike Edwards
Ashdown Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood
West St Leonards Karl Beaney
West St Leonards Matthew Beaver
Maze Hill Rob Lee
Maze Hill Andy Patmore
Tressell Terry Keen
Tressell Patrick Millar
Wishing Tree Bexx Veness
Wishing Tree John Waterfall
Central St Leonards Graeme Williams
Central St Leonards Sue Clarke
Silverhill Claire Hamill
Silverhill James Hollis
Castle Kevin Tomlin
Castle John Sydes
Braybrooke Mark Charlesworth
Braybrooke Janet Grigg
Baird Terry Fawthrop
Baird Peter Pragnell
Gensing Cath Burrows
Gensing Craig Andrew
Hollington Nigel Barry
Hollington Joel De-Roe
Old Hastings Alan Hay
Old Hastings Lisa Rankin

To watch a full interview with Conservative group leader Rob Lee click on the link below.


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