Council to fight Station Plaza drop-in centre relocation plans

Plans to close the drop-in centre at the Station Plaza Health Centre and relocate it to the Conquest Hospital do not make sense according to Hastings Borough Councillors.

Meeting on Wednesday night they agreed that HBC should write to the local Clinical Commissioning Group which is responsible for the decision, to lodge an objection in the strongest terms.

A consultation process is underway over the ‘relocation’ of the drop-in facility at Station Plaza to the Conquest Hospital – Hastings Borough Council sees it as a bad idea.

Councillor Mike Turner raised the issue initially and said the move was not in the best interests of the town or its people and he called on HBC leader Peter Chowney to ‘convey the council’s concern’ over what he described as a ‘really bad move’.

Mr Chowney said the plans for the relocation just did not make sense as the drop-in centre was just that, somewhere people can drop in to. He said moving it to the Conquest not only meant people would have to get a bus to go there but could put people of seeking medical advice because of the cost and inconvenience of getting there.

Councillors also expressed concern that the proposed move would simply place greater strain on the accident and emergency facilities at the Consquest Hospital.



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