One Hastings, many voices, in the garden of cultural delights

The garden full of cultural delights community event 2018 was held at St Leonards Gardens last Sunday.

The event was organised by a number of community and faith groups and is supported by Hastings Borough Council. Mayor of Hastings Councillor Nigel Sinden and Councillor Kim Forward the council’s deputy leader joined the event along with other councillors.

There was a variety of busy food stalls from many nations, along with entertainment provided by Acromax, Celtic Swing, Section 5 drummers, Gizmo Kids and many others, there were a range of children’s activities and a tombola and raffle during the afternoon.

The Mayor said: “It was great once again to see a variety of faiths and ethnicities of all age groups enjoying the day to its fullest. The list of partners is so long it would be impossible to mention them all, but the event truly embodied ‘One Hastings, Many Voices’ as well as being the usual open and friendly event. Well done to all who had a part in setting the event up.”

*Photos courtesy of Roberts Photographic


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