Hastings Fish delivers ‘amazing and informative’ day

FLAG - HASTINGS FISH LOGO FINAL blueHastings Fish brand held a Discovery Day at the Stade last week for visiting regional chefs.

The chefs toured the area and visited local fishmongers. Then, they went to the Hastings fish market to see the Hastings catch processed for sale.

To finish the visit, the chefs had a masterclass in fish cutting at the Classroom on the Coast with Tush Hamilton, a member of the master guild of fishmongers at Fishmongers Hall, and Yasmin Ornsby, of the Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society. Though retired now, Tush enjoys sharing his knowledge and history of the area to promote the fishery and support the fishermen.

CJ Jackson, chief executive of the Billingsgate Seafood School, organised the event on behalf of Hastings Fish. She explained,

Visiting chefs get their hands on the local catch at Classroom on the Coast.

“The idea is to get the businesses who buy fish, locally and nationally, to become familiar with Hastings fish and the quality of the catch, as well as learn more about the area.”

Several chefs from the Hilton Hotel group attended the Discovery Day, Executive Chef at the Brighton Hilton Kurt Cutajar said: “The day was amazing and really informative.  All the chefs really enjoyed it, Yasmin and Tush have great knowledge of the Hastings Fisheries and are a great asset and the fish quality is fantastic.”


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