Making a difference to people’s lives! An impact award for making an IMPACT

When Seaview won its GSK/Kings Funds Impact Award last year – one of only eight organisations in the country to do so the judges said of it: “This charity does hugely valuable work in supporting its local community. We were impressed by how it has a big reach despite being relatively small. It shows an organisation making the best use of its resources and making a real difference to people’s lives.”

While it’s resources are limited it makes the most of what it has. Made as part of the award, this short video below gives an idea of the work that Seaview carries out and the impact it has on those it works alongside.

  • Seaview has a budget of less than
  • £500,000 a year
  • With that money it helps
  • 1,400 people a year
  • …and serves
  • 6,500 hot meals
  • and last year helped 370 people
  • attend 3,000 doctor’s appointments
  • It has a ‘rough-sleepers team operating in the early hours of the morning
  • It’s the only facility of its kind in East Sussex outside Brighton and Hove
What people say about Seaview

“To be told that I could be a good influence was really encouraging…”

“Always smiling and always positive…”

“it makes a big difference… to have that human contact.”

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