In pictures… Escapism in Hastings Country Park

Readers have enjoyed the selection of photographs we posted on Sunday of last weekend’s Greenway Walk.

No one questions that in Hastings and St Leonards we enjoy some stunning scenery. It’s also so easy to be in the bustling heart of the town and then walk for just a few minutes and find yourself in a secluded spot enjoying peace, quiet, fresh air and the chance to settle your thoughts.

Hastings In Focus reader Darren McCann asked to share some of his favourite images of the town and explains here why he loves Hastings Country Park so much.

Being a stone’s throw from the Country Park makes me feel so lucky. One minute it’s the sound of cars and people, the next just birds singing and the breeze through the trees.

I have the cold wind on my ears, leaves crunching under my feet, the sound of a nearby stream which has rusty coloured water from the iron aged rocks.

Flowers in bloom, the buzzing of a Bee, an archway of blossom all as I walk through the woods. All I have are my thoughts, no music, just pure escapism and switching off from the stresses of life and work.

We all have stress in our lives and this is one way to just escape. It’s free and it’s great for the mind, body and soul and for me, I just feel so lucky that I can take a walk through the great countryside that’s just minutes from my front door.



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