How women have been finding their voices this summer

Back in April we told you about the Women’s Voices project – Women in Hastings were being encouraged to ‘find their voices’ as part of a summer long campaign that was launched on International Women’s Day. As the project winds down Ann Kramer explains some of what’s been going on


Since May Women’s Voice has been preparing and delivering cooking, public speaking and slogan-creating workshops. The objective has been to provide a space for women to come together to talk about the issues that are important to them with the aim of bringing together a group of women who can provide a peer support network which will be a platform for local women to find solutions to issues they face in today’s difficult society.

The public speaking or speaking out workshops have been facilitated by Eggtooth on the premise that speaking in public is something that most women fear and yet most of us have something we really want to say.


Around 30 women have attended workshops during the summer, in which they have had the opportunity to share ideas and concerns, explore ways of creating great content, and gaining confidence in structuring and delivering that content powerfully to an audience.

Sharing food workshops, which are running until the end of August, have been very popular and have attracted a very diverse group of women. Publicised as A Moveable Feast, two workshops have taken place at OPEN, with the final two taking place at Ground Control Kitchen.

Local women have taken part in cooking sessions, producing jam and Syrian pickles. Childcare has been provided and women of different cultures have had the chance to meet each other, cook and eat together, in a celebration of food and other cultures.

Women are also getting tips of starting their own business and finding out about other groups who can provide support with this.


Young women, and older women too, have also come together in creative workshops finding imaginative ways to produce slogans on fabric, and decorating fabric reusable bags with slogans and images that reflect major concerns. These have ranged from sexism through to climate change.

Finding Our Voices comes to an end with a celebration at OPEN on Saturday 5 October when women who have taken part in the different workshops will come together to demonstrate their work, some of which will be exhibited, and to discuss ways of moving a peer support network forward.

  • For more information about all the workshops contact

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