Weekend of political protest planned

It’s set to be a weekend of protest in Hastings as opposition political parties campaign against the Prime Minister’s plan to suspend (prorogue) parliament.

First out of the blocks tomorrow afternoon is Hastings and Rye Labour Party. It has organised a protest march tomorrow starting at 2pm outside Asda in Silverhill and ending outside Amber Rudd’s constituency offices at 3.15pm.

The local party points out that earlier in the summer Ms Rudd, MP for Hastings and Rye, described the idea of proroguing parliament as ‘completely outrageous’ but is now refusing to answer any questions on the matter.

Peter Chowney, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye, said: “Proroguing parliament is a desperate attempt to force through a no-deal Brexit that no-one voted for, with Boris Johnson showing all the qualities of a medieval tyrant.  As recently as June, Amber Rudd seemed to agree with that, saying: ‘ I think it’s outrageous to consider proroguing parliament. We are not Stuart kings.’

The battlecry for Saturday’s event outside St Mary In The Castle

“So she seems to be likening the Prime Minister to Charles I, and it didn’t end well for him. I cannot understand why she has abandoned all her principles so quickly. We need an explanation about why what was so unacceptable a couple of months ago is now apparently fine.”

Then on Saturday a cross-party event called #StoptheCoupHastingsis taking place.

Although the event was initiated by the Liberal Democrats prospective parliamentary candidate Nick Perry he says Saturday’s event is aimed at concerned citizens of all parties and none. He has also asked those taking part not to display what he describes as  ‘party colours’.

That event will take place between noon and 12.45pm with protestors meeting up on Pelham Crescent.

As we reported yesterday Labour’s Peter Chowney, the Greens’ Julia Hilton and Lib Dem Nick Perry will be signing a letter demanding the resignation of Ms Rudd from Boris Johnson’s Cabinet and hope those who come along to the protest will sign the letter too.

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  1. Shame on these people who cannot seem to grasp the facts here….the majority voted to Leave the EU. What was the point in holding a referendum if the outcome is to be challenged…crazy or what. It is these very protestors who have brought shame on our parliament.


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