A day full of family fun – Fun Palace arrives in Ore…

Plans for the first ever ‘Fun Palace’ in Ore next month will create a ‘lasting cultural event’ in the community organisers hope.

Saturday October 5th is the date the event is planned to take place between 11am and 3.30pm at Ore Community Centre in Old London Road.

“There will be a day full of fun for all the family with lots of craft, exercise classes and hobbies to enjoy or join in,” says Graham Hodgson.

There will be dance for older people and dance therapy, Zumba, a drumming circle, print making, storytelling, chess, upcycling clothes, embroidery, Halloween themed painting, mosaic making and a whole lot more.

Ore Community Centre is part of Fun Palaces 2019, a free, international celebration of community, bringing people together with arts, science, crafts and technology.

Based on a never-built idea from theatre director Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price, the first Fun Palaces took place in the UK and worldwide in October 2014, when 138 venues, locations, communities and groups created their own local events.  Around 40,000 people took part, while tens of thousands more got involved online. By 2016, the third Fun Palaces weekend was staged with 292 Fun Palaces across the world and 124,000 people taking part.

Graham says: “Fun Palaces create events that bring together arts and sciences – but above all people – to work together, create together, have fun together, and in doing so, build our own communities, from the grassroots up.

“This is our first attempt at a Fun Palace in Ore and we are really looking forward to creating a lasting cultural event in the area for all to enjoy.”


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