Enforcement checks find illegal tobacco in Hastings’ shops

Officers from Hastings Borough Council Licensing team joined Sussex Police and East Sussex County Council Trading Standards on a multi-agency enforcement check.

Off-licences and convenience stores across the borough were visited to make sure they were complying with their licences. And that they were operating within the law.

As a result, a large quantity of illegal cigarettes and tobacco were seized from several shops. Breaches of alcohol licences were also found and are being dealt with by the Council. One arrest was made. The operation will be carried out again soon.

Councillor Colin Fitzgerald, lead councillor for environmental services said: “Our licensing team continues to work hard with other statutory agencies to ensure a coordinated response.  These operations are an excellent example of multi-agency working to stop the sale of illegal and untested products to the public.”

2 thoughts on “Enforcement checks find illegal tobacco in Hastings’ shops

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  1. And how many of these stores will have their licences revoked and or those banned from selling cigarettes ?
    This is a pretty regular issue in the borough. Too many slaps on the wrists and paltry fines. Can we have a list of who these traders are please.
    Where I lived in the States, this would be a be shutdown and jail time. No if ands or buts.


  2. This sort of activity is rife in one particular part of St.Leonards…slap on wrist ‘aint going to stop it…why aren’t these shops closed down with proprietors fined heavily…its going on right now…pathetic law enforcement.


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