Work to begin on council’s eco-friendly house of straw

Local residents are 'excited' about the prospect of the new state-of-the-art environmentally friendly straw bale built visitor centre planned for Hastings Country Park. That was the message from Councillor Andy Batsford when Hastings Borough Council's (HBC) cabinet members met on Monday night and were asked to give the go-ahead for work on the visitor centre... Continue Reading →


Vote now for your favourite park

A 'people's vote' was launched on Monday but not the kind you hear being discussed daily on the national news, no this people's vote is out to find out the best parks and green spaces in the country. In July Alexandra Park, the Country Park, and St Leonards gardens were given a prestigious Green Flag... Continue Reading →

Innovative methods are restoring native habitats

Frankie Woodgate and her heavy working horses Yser and Tobias returned to Hastings Country Park last week. The traditional method of landscape management involves working horses pulling heavy rollers to 'bruise' the bracken. Bruising bracken with horse drawn rollers is an effective, low impact method of reducing the vigour and growth of bracken in hard-to-reach... Continue Reading →

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