Ports let result slip away in storm

St Leonards CP 7 Rye 18 (HT 7-7) Ports faced their local rivals as the wind and rain swept in across the William Parker pitch. From the off the weather was the clear controlling force and both sides spilled the ball. Rye played sensibly within the conditions but Chopper Gooders, Chris Perry and Mike Hutchins... Continue Reading →


Ports defeated by Rye’s surge

Rye 38 St Leonards CP 19 (HT 12-19) These two sides only met two weeks ago and it was clear that Rye were stung by the defeat, a strong Rye squad faced Ports but for 25 minutes things looked very different. Ports started with real structure, Rye’s big runners were shackled by big tackling from... Continue Reading →

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